TUNGUS is a new generation of impulse ( very fast acting ) dry powder modules for automatic fire suppression systems.

TUNGUS modules are non pressurized vessels that can be fitted in any application. They are light weight and easy to install and transport, with no pipe work required, and in normal applications are maintenance free for 10 years.

TUNGUS modules are the most cost effective powder-type automatic fire extinguisher available on the market. TUNGUS modules are hermetically sealed thus preventing any contamination, by dust or water for the ISTO-1 extinguishing dry powder contained inside the unit.

TUNGUS modules are activated electrically from a conventional fire panel, from thermal or optical sensors or even manually when it is attached to the modules.
When activated during a fire situation, there is a chemical reaction within the Cold Gas Generator, transforming the solid chemical into Cold Gas, which creates a positive pressure inside the module.

The discharge diaphragm then expands, ruptures and a powerful fire-extinguishing powder jet is ejected into the fire zone putting out the fire rapidly and effectively in less than 1 second.

The dry powder expelled from the TUNGUS module attacks the fire in a combination of two fire extinguishing mechanisms.

Chemically :
By removing the fire propagating "chain carriers"

Physically : ( via four processes ).
1- By removing heat via endothermic processes of powder particle heat absorption, particle evaporation and decomposition.
2- Via the dilution of the flame zone with a powder cloud and its subsequent decomposition products.
3- There is a creation of physical fire barriers in the fire zone.
4- Via the creation of a "fire blanket" on the surface of the burning materials.


Physical reaction within the canister


Principles of extinguishing action

Stage 1
Fire consists of four elements
oxygen, flame chain carriers, heat
and fuel
Stage 2
The ISTO - 1 Dry Powder is
introduced to the fire and attacks all four elements

Stage 3
The ISTO-1 Dry Powder particles attach themselves to O, H & OH radicals and remove them from the flame chain without depleting Oxygen. The ISTO-1 Dry Powder also makes a blanket over the fuel


Product Details


High extinguishing performance
  Operating within 4 to 8 seconds after detection of fire
Powder delivery in less than 1 second after operation
Instantaneous extinguishment of fire
Protect surface areas up to 80 m2, volumes up to 240 m3 and can be fixed at a height up to 16 mt
  No toxic ingredients
No ozone depletion
No pressure cylinders


  Used for Class A, B, C, E fires ( involving electrical energized equipment )
Can be used for total flooding & local applications
Can be installed in almost any industrial or residential
risk area
Wide temperature operating range ( -60 to + 90 C )
The TUNGUS modules are rechargeable
Cost savings
  High extinguishing efficiency
Low powder consumption
Simple installation
Minimal maintenance


  10 years Standard lifetime.
Modules do not require special maintenance.
Monthly visual observation for parts damage. Supervision of the electrical circuitry integrity for electrically operated modules.
Following system discharge the area should be cleaned by a non-wet method of dry-wiping, brushing off or vacuuming


Health & Safety
  TUNGUS modules are non-pressurized - non explosive if heated and it is not leaking.
TUNGUS modules use ISTO-1 powder ( Mono Ammonium Phosphate based ).
ISTO-1 Powder is non-abrasive, chemically inert, non aggressive and non-toxic.
ISTO-1 Powder is environmentally friendly, discharged
powder residue could be added to the industrial organic